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Saddle Fitting for Optimum fit and performance

Saddle fit is vital. When correctly done by a trained professional, the right saddle fitting gives both horse and rider the comfort they need to focus on performance.

We at EQ Saddlery believe that it is one thing to balance a rider on a saddle stand, but there’s a true skill to correctly balance a rider with their horse’s conformation and movement. Our goal is to achieve the perfect saddle fit for you and your horse whether you ride for leisure, compete every now and then , or a professional rider.

Saddle fit

Why have your saddle fitted?

Not only is a correctly fitting saddle critical for the comfort and wellness of your horse, but it directly influences your horse’s performance. If a horse is in pain or discomfort, then their focus is not on the task at hand

A saddle fit takes into consideration every horse’s individual shape to maximise comfort and make riding more enjoyable for your horse (and you!)

Demo Saddles

All of our saddles are available to be taken out for test rides by saddle fitters. Find a saddle you love? Saddle fitters can make the custom adjustments to your new saddle on the day of your test ride. Contact your nearest store for details.

Our Services

We are Mobile

Don’t be without a saddle. 95% of alterations can be performed onsite, providing you with fast service that’s very convenient.


Each saddle fitter is well equipped to perform most alterations and repairs on site

In-house Developments

Phil Porter, EQ Saddlery’s in house saddler, has designed and built both dressage and stock saddles.

Professional Advice

We are proud to have relationships with some of the best independent saddle fitters in Victoria and NSW. Have a look over their profiles and familiarise yourself with these great service providers.

Saddle Fitter Profiles

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