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More choice for you and your horse…

EQ Saddlery has now added EQ Marketplace. 

EQ Marketplace offers you a wide range of quality products sold directly by our Trusted Sellers on the EQ Saddlery website.

Now you’ll have an even greater choice of quality products for you or your horse in the one place.

What is EQ Marketplace?

The EQ Marketplace is integrated in our EQ Saddlery website. EQ Saddlery website sells products that are available in our stores and now we have products from our trusted independent, third party suppliers (“Sellers”) available to be purchased through our website and delivered directly from the suppler. This offers a wider choice of products for you and your horse all in the one place!

You’ll know if you’re purchasing a product from one of our Sellers, because they will have an EQ Marketplace label on their products.

How do I know which products are being sold on EQ Marketplace?

Any products that are being sold by Sellers on the EQ Saddlery website will be tagged with an “EQ Marketplace” flag.

Can I find EQ Marketplace products in my local EQ Saddlery store?

EQ Marketplace products are sold online and delivered directly to you by the Sellers. This means you won’t be able to find EQ Marketplace products at our EQ Saddlery stores.

How can I track my order?

Once the Seller has shipped your order, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number. If you have purchased from several different Sellers, you will receive an email with the relevant tracking number for each product. This means you may have multiple parcels delivered.

Why am I receiving multiple parcels?

You may receive multiple parcels if you are ordering from different Sellers or EQ Saddlery. As each Seller will send out the items you have ordered, your total order may be dispatched from various locations.

Can I collect my order from a EQ Saddlery store?

Items from EQ Marketplace are sent directly from our Sellers, so you won’t be able to collect them from an EQ Saddlery store.

Can I refund or exchange an item from EQ Marketplace?

Yes. Returns or exchanges are done directly with our Sellers, they cannot be done at a EQ Saddlery store. Return details are on the invoice with your package or click on the Seller pages for more information. Refunds will be processed back onto the original payment method used at the time of your purchase by EQ Saddlery.

Can I use a EQ Gift Card to purchase EQ Marketplace items?

Yes of course. The EQ Gift Card can be used to purchase any item on the EQ Saddlery website, including items from EQ Marketplace.

Do I earn EQ Perk points on purchases from the EQ Marketplace sellers?

Yes – all purchases, regardless if they are supplied by EQ Saddlery or a Seller on EQ Marketplace, earn EQ Perk points. Find out more about the EQ Perk program.

How do I get more information on becoming a seller on EQ Marketplace?

If you’re interested in becoming a seller on the EQ Marketplace, simply click on the button below for more information.

Full T&Cs can be found here: EQ Marketplace T&Cs

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