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EQ Community is our way of giving back

We have helped over 190 clubs with donations totalling over $23,000!

Every month, each of our stores donate $500 back into their local horsey community

How it works:

1. Every month we support 3 local community groups

2. Each club gets a box

3. When you make a purchase in store, we give you a token. This token gives you a chance to give back to a local club or cause.

4. Use your token to support a club

5. We count the tokens. At the end of the month we split the $500. The club with the most tokens receives $300 the other two clubs receive $100 each

Everybody gets something! Help us support your local horsey community.

Thank you for your enquiry.

EQ Community Application Form

Your Details

We need to know a bit about what your group does, and what your group would like to put EQ vouchers towards.

Image must be a JPG. Max 5MB

Accepted file types: jpg.

Attachment size exceeds the allowable limit of 5MB

You must agree to use your vouchers at your preferred EQ Saddlery store.

If your application is successful, EQ will tell its followers about your participation in EQ Community and what your fundraising goal is.

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